The Exputt Golf Putt Simulator

The Exputt simulator introduces revolutionary way of truly working on your putting while at home. With the smart camara that you connect to your tv with HDMI the camera reads the puttingmat that comes with the unit. We never had a putting tool that is so accurate and affordable. See video below to get a better understanding of the product.

Order now € 549,- including 21% VAT. Free shipping in NL/BE. Rest of EU € 12,50

Exputt Review by PuttingCoach Rob Mouwen (dutch)


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€ 549,- including VAT (21%) and free shipping in NL/BE. Rest of EU € 12,50


Train on every aspect, from greenspeed, break and your stroke.

  • Practice distance control with varied distance modes.
  • Various greens and slopes feel like a real green.
  • Play the game in Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter modes.
  • Enjoy tour-level green speed and conditions.


  • Simply connect the Exputt camera to your TV.
  • Putting mat is only 40″x12″ small and is easy to store.
  • The low elastic stopper brings the ball back to you and cancels noises for putts upto 20 yrds.
  • Use your putter like a mouse on the mat and use remote control for more features.


Ultra high-speed camera accurately measures ball’s movement.


  • Accurately analyze ball’s speed and direction in real time.
  • Precisely analyze open or closed club face angle.
  • Analyze putter’s direction at the moment of impact.
  • Analyze entire putting path to improve consistency.

Exputt as a addition next to your golfsimulator