FlightScope X3

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FlightScope X3

The X3 is FlightScopes top model.

FlightScope X3 uses patented Fusion Tracking
technology that combines 3D tracking radar and
image processing for unmatched data accuracy

For pricing or more information please contact us.

0031(0)13 53 40 905

Data parameters

The X3 has over 50 data parameters for full swing to putting.

Environmental Optimizer (EO) 

Change your environment without changing
your location. Plan and prepare for all weather conditions and
landscapes by modifying your environment to
understand how climate variables affect your shots.

Wedge Tracking

The FlightScope X3 provides D-Plane
data for valuable insight into your
wedge play. Angle of attack, club path,
face angles, and dynamic loft are key
components to hitting accurate and
consistent wedge shots.


Using FlightScope MultiCam app with
FlightScope Video and Short Game
apps, automatically clip video feeds
from any angle and pair with radar
data for the most effective teaching
tool in the industry

Simulatie software

The X3 comes with a E6 connect licences (IOS only) 5 courses.

We have several opties for simulation software. For more info please see: Simulatie Software

Augmented Reality

The new FlightScope Augmented
Reality feature gives your teaching,
club fitting, and practice sessions a
live TV broadcast look and feel. The FS
Golf app lets you view real-time ball
trajectory and data parameter overlays
on video clips of selected swings from
any vantage point.

Short Game

Accurately measure short game data
parameters for complete lessons and
overall game improvement.

FlightScope E-Learning

The FlightScope Learning certification
courses are designed for professionals to
have a better level of understanding and
application of FlightScope technology in their
teaching or fitting practices. We provide you
with the knowledge you need to hone your
skills and provide an added value to your
students, customers, and the game of golf.