Golfstudio design

We sell every golfstudio component but we can also do your full studio. From design to installation.


Dutch Golf Company is the official reseller for FlightScope in the Benelux since 2009.

De FlightScope X3 is the most complete launchmonitor from FlightScope

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FlightScope X3

The FlightScope Mevo+ is the big hit since januari 2020.

The Mevo+ has lots of data parameters for the money you pay.

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FlightScope Mevo+

HighSpeed Camera

The FLIR highspeed camera with the vari-focal lens is the ideal set-up to record your swing.

Lighting is really important if you want good quality video’s. We can set-up the lighting perfectly with the led spotlights with barndoors.

We can mount the camera’s on the wall or on a tripod for more flexibility.

With the right software we can intergrate the video’s with the data of your launchmonitor, boditrak of other teachingtools.


GASP software

GASP is around for years now. Lots of professionals use the GASP Lab7 to integrate all of the teachingtools in one program.

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BodiTrak pressure mat

Coaches all over the globe rely on and utilize BodiTrak to help empower and improve their players.

BodiTrak is the most portable and affordable pressure plate on the market, and is tailor made for the individual golfer who wants to drastically improve their game.

Golfstudio design

We can help you to design and build your golfstudio. We have over 15 years of experience with all golftechnology.

  • Puttingstudio with Sam putt Lab and GASP putting software
  • Swingstudio with FlightScope, camera’s, lighting, boditrak, software and disign.

No studio is the same! Please contact us for a demo, design of quote.