Recent installations

Dutch Golf Company has lots of experience designing and building simulators, studios and installing artificial greens

TruGolf TruFlight 2

FlightScope Mevo+ simulator with CreativeGolf 3D software

FlightScope Mevo+ simulator

Deze FlightScope Mevo+ simulator met de E6 connect software heeft wel een heel mooi beeld. Wij werken uitsluitend met professionele Panasonic beamers. Deze 6000 lumen Led laser beamer projecteert wel heel mooi op ons premium impactscreen.

Golfhunter Clubfitter

Golfhunter is recent verhuisd naar en prachtige nieuwe locatie. Wij hebben zijn studio in mogen richten en buiten komt nog een mooie kunstgras green.

FlightScope Mevo+

Since januari 2020 the FlightScope Mevo+ is on the market. This affordable launchmonitor is really populair as a home golfsimulator. 

TruGolf simulator

Every simulator is unique. We make every simulator all custom for the best results. This beautifull room we transformed into a golfsimulator using TruFlight 2 technoligy.

TruGolf TruFlight 2 simulator

In 2020 we installed this TruGolf simulator at a Belgium customer that was a huge Tiger Woods fan.

Golfsimulator with a racesimulator addition

With the racesimulator addition the customer can try to beat Max Verstappen after playing a round of golf

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Artificial green

This green we installed at a private customer.

Golflinked Wijchen

GolfLinked is one of the biggest indoor facilities in the Netherlands. We have been involved from the beginning.

If you are in the area make sure to visit them.


Indoorgolf Zeeland

Indoorgolf Zeeland has four TruGolf simulators that can be used for lessons, practice and play. 

They have a really nice indoor for every golfer.

The owner runs multiple competitions and matches.

Go check them out:

Indoorgolf Zeeland